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    Your rig/use


      I am looking to stay all amd, well mostly, with my next personal build. I am in school for Computer Information Systems. What are you all using? Why and how does it Perform? Especially looking for those who compile code.

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          Hi - take a look in the Rig Showcase for many examples - my own "Rig" is posted here: Oscar Mike


          It really depends on your budget and what your specific work load requirements. If you're doing a lot of compiler specific loads (c/c++/gtk etc), any Ryzen 5 and up would work - if you need cross platform compiling and testing, I'd definitely recommend a Ryzen 7 or even a Ryzen Threadripper (for VM support).


          I use the system I mentioned above with 1 VM (host+client) environment for cross-testing ML/OpenCL framework based code and it works exceptionally good; I did have an issue with the "Ryzen bug" on my first Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, but that has since been resolved.


          I'm in the process of testing multiple VMs on a Threadripper system and once PCI-e pass-through has been addressed by AIB vendor boards via BIOS updates, I will be moving to that system full time.


          Whether you go with Ryzen 5 - 7 or Threadripper - you do so at the best cost of entry compared to Intel, hands down.

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            Both of my Ryzen systems have performed flawlessly since the onslaught of UEFI/BIOS updates. I use my main machine mostly for gaming, media consumption, streaming to twitch and tearing through some media creation. I don't use it for much more than that. I've had a blast with it. My second Ryzen system is setup for video and audio editing and it's a monster.


            Either way the best thing about the R3, R5, R7 and TR chips is that they are actually quite flexible. Amazing value compared to an Intel solution. So if you're looking to go full on AMD you won't be disappointed on any level.

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