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Pixel walk and freesync flicker connection - Experiment

Question asked by trnqt on Sep 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by sebastianlang

There must have been a dozen of different threads about the cause of freesync flickering, and we seem to be no closer to a real solution.


An observation I made is that i can reproduce the same flicker as i get when using freesync as when using the moving inversion tests over at UFO Test. Take note that the flickering will occur even though freesync is turned off on the monitor (ill get to that). My current monitor is the samsung c27fg70.



Link: UFO Test: Framerates  and  UFO Test: Framerates


For those that experience freesync flicker, please test the two UFO links and see if you get the same flickering artifacts on your monitor. You might have to experiment with the settings.



Flickering exists on both gsync and freesync.


Gsync: The AOC AG352UCG VA Panel GSYNC Flicker Bug - YouTube @ 3:30


Freesync: Samsung CF791 Flickering in Freesync (Ultimate Engine) - YouTube  @ 1:00


My hypothesis is that the flickering issue is not inherent to either freesync or gsync but to irregularities caused by pixel walk and inversion artifacts that mess up the timings of adaptive sync.


Please experiment and would love your thoughts amdmatt