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How do I take a screen shot of final downscaled VSR ?

Question asked by michaelzfreeman on Sep 28, 2017



I've seen plenty of guides out there about how to to take 4K screen shots using AMD VSR. However I don't want that resolution. I want the final scaled down product of VSR with the increased image quality (SSAA). When ever I use FRAPS and Steam to take screen shots they are in the pre scaled down image size such as 3200x1800 rather than the native resolution of my monitor that AMD VSR scales down to which is 1920x1080. I have wondered if Microsoft Game DVR could do it but I've had problems with that before and don't really want to use it. I also don't want to manually resize the large screenshot myself as there are differences in the scale algorithms and I want to faithfully capture what I'm seeing on the screen.


Any help appreciated. I love VSR ! But can't actually show the results to anyone at the moment due to this problem.