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R9 290x black screen after installing driver

Question asked by pytgamer on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2017 by pytgamer

Hi, i am really having a bad time here, it started like this, yesterday everything was going smooth, i've played "Dishonored Death Of The Outsider" and quit the game than after like 7 or 8 hours, i decided to play "Dead Rising 4" so i open the game and suddenly my PC froze with the sound of frizzing (the same that you have when you have a Blue Screen), so i went quickly to restart my machine, and that moment my problem started, after the windows logo and before the welcome screen my PC just froze with no keyboard or mouse working, i've tried everything but nothing worked, so i found out by searching in other machine that the problem could be my GPU driver, i entered to Safe Mode and uninstall it, with that my PC just logged in normally, so now every time i install my GPU driver the same problem happened i've tried even the oldest driver possible the one that came with my GPU when i bough it (CD), but nothing seems to work, one last thing i am having two OS installed on my Machine: Windows 7 and Windows 10, the crash happened when i was on my Windows 7 but even my Windows 10 had the same problem when i try to logged into, so if i have to login to it i have to uninstall the driver there too, please can any body give me a solution here, i am really getting frustrated from this, and the COD WWII Beta is coming this 29.09.17 and i don't want to miss it, please give me a solution, thanks in advance.