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Phenom II X4 965 CPU running insanely hot with VCORE voltage fluctuation = bad CPU?

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2017
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I had a PC crash a a couple of days ago that I initially diagnosed as a video card failure. After replacing the video and PSU with known-good hardware, I've found that the system's CPU temp rockets up to ~110 degrees C and high CPU utilization while idling.


While checking things out in the BIOS I noticed that the VCORE voltage is stable at +.996V most of the time, but periodically spikes up to +1.404V. The 5V voltage line changes from its normal +5.057V to +5.035 when the VCORE spikes.While in BIOS the CPU temp reports a steady 73 C.


The system is not overclocked, and I've reset the BIOS to its defaults as well. All fans - including the CPU - fan are running at reasonable and steady RPMs.I am using a good-quality Cooler Master CPU fan, rather than the stock fan.


Does this sound like a faulty CPU?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts,