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    Can't use my RX480


      Hello, so here is my problem:
      Having bought just over a year ago a PC gamer on Materiel.net, it has an integrated chipset Intel HD graphic 530 as well as an AMD Radeon RX480.

      The worry is that the RX480 graphics card is detected well within the computer (present in the device manager and detected with the GPU-Z software) but is simply not usable.
      The research I have done on the various possible manipulations to "force" the use of the dedicated card, especially on games, had no effect.

      More alarming still the options that should allow this kind of manipulation on AMD Radeon Setting are not there ... when I get to launch the program from elsewhere: despite the fact that I hold the drivers I always have error message "Radeon Settings are currently not available. Please try again after connecting AMD Graphics".

      The only way to open AMD Radeon Setting and use the AMDCleanUp utility and restart the download and installation of the latest version, even though it did not change between two attempts to open.


      So much so that I'm not playing heavyweight graphics graphics (since I have been running all the time with the Intel HD530), the big problem is that since recent updates on the side of Blizzard -on StarCraft II and Heroes of Storm - I simply get back on the desk full part for the first but mostly a constant black screen for the second.

      The first incident only lasts a few seconds before returning to the game, the second requires restarting the Windows session because no other commands respond.

      I have already contacted the support of Blizzard, and over the tiquets they suggested to me to contact the support of AMD ... and so here I am.


      So, here are various information about my case, if it need more things just ask.

      Les vraies info systemes.pngGPU Z Radeon.gif


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          Assuming this is a desktop computer and not a laptop....go into the bios and select the AMD card/PCIe as the 'Primary' graphics.

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              Yes it's a desktop computer; about handling in the bios, if I did the thing correctly - System Agent Config> Primary Display> PCI - this does'nt work.
              Backup changes do not seem to do this when booting ... or at least this particular change: I have tried at the same time the choice of a different language, the language remained but not the PCIe. The save & quit or use of the shortcut has no effect.

              Besides, sorry for my probably bad English, everything goes through Google Translate.

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              I assume you did connect your monitor to your RX480 and NOT to your motherboard? I've seen mistakes like these before.

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                  Ok, I probably activate something that was not needed when I was in the SAC: I can no longer access the bios, when I start the computer the screen remains black (as in standby) a few seconds before coming directly to the Windows desktop.
                  The spam of the F2 key only blocks the start indefinitely now.


                  Otherwise regarding the connection, normally it should be good considering that previously the connection it was from VGA to VGA, but having bought an adapter HDMI it should be good no?
                  The only other access is a DVI.