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Cant use 144hz (anymore)

Question asked by bl-ade on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by bl-ade

Hello everyone, first time posting something like this so I ll try my best to be as precise as possible, if any useful information is missing feel free to ask.


GPU: Radeon R9 200 Series


In august this year I got my brand new Acer GN246HL 144hz screen. After using the Dual link DVI cable, that was delivered with the screen I was finally able to enjoy the 144hz.

It was amazing, especially because I used my gold screen as a 2. monitor


No more problems accured until I moved 2 weeks ago. My new Setup consists of only this one 144hz screen, left the other one back for space reasons.

When I first started my pc again I was already kinda confused about the fact that Windows set the framerate back to 60hz & when I tried to switch it to 144hz again, my screen got all blurry and this blue error message showed up: "Incorrect cable. Please use the dual link DVI cable that came with your monitor."

Sadly I am using the exact same cable as I did just some weeks ago & I have no clue what could have caused this problem.

Worst part, the monitor is working just fine with 144hz on my brothers PC. Sometimes (rarely) I am even able to set it to 144hz with no problem, but after like 10-30 minutes the screen goes black for 2 seconds without any reason and when its on again, the message pops back.


I would be reaaaally thankful for any kinda of help & I dont want to sound rude or anything, but please dont ask me if I m using the correct cable

I also already did:


- Windows Recovery

- Complete cleaning of all drivers with "Display Driver Uninstaller"

- Cry myself to sleep for 2 weeks


I need the 144hz back ;( 60hz feel like 30 now, cant enjoy the most games anymore, my PC feels like a gaming console