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I'm having problems with my RX 460 crashing all the time.

Question asked by miha381 on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by jahen

Describe your system:

    • AMD Ati Radeon RX 460 Gigabyte 4GB DDR5
    • Desktop system
    • Windows 7 64bit
    • Driver version Crimson ReLive 17.9.2.
    • Philips 226VL 1920x1080 @59Hz
    • MSI 970A-G43 Bios Version V10.6
    • FX 6300
    • LC Power 6560GP3 V2.3 560W Silver
    • 8 GB RAM


    • Describe your issue:
  • I'm having an issue with graphic card crashing. Sometimes game crashes because of it. Sometimes it's like I alt-tabbed to desktop and can't return in the game until I kill it in task manager and run it again. Sometimes I get blue screen with atikmpeg.sys error. I mostly play games like FIFA 17 or League of Legends. Settings are very minimal. I tried tweaking wattman with lowering power. Didn't help much. Crashes occur randomly, sometimes I can play for few hours, sometimes I get a few in a hour. No idea what to do anymore.