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Driver/Hardware (Crossfire) issues with all updates since 17.4.2

Question asked by gizmokid2005 on Sep 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by gizmokid2005

I put together a new Ryzen build this spring (details below) and since May, all AMD updates cause windows to disable my secondary GPU with error code 43, only running 17.4.2 allows both cards to run.


AMD Ryzen 7 1800x

Asus Crosshair VI Hero (x370 chipset) BIOS Version 1501

4x8GB (32GB) G.Skill DDR4-2400 RAM

2x XFX Radeon R9 290X (R9-290X-EDFD) 4GB

Rosewill Bronze 1000W PSU (RBR1000-M)

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1703


I have been having this issue for months now, every time I try to upgrade I get greeted with the "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)." (below)

2017-09-05 20_00_16-AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Properties.png


If I reinstall the 17.4.2 version of the drivers, things go back to operating correctly. Today I tried a completely fresh install of windows (only changes were it was fully patched) and tried to install only the latest (17.9.2) and ran into the same issue. I then uninstalled and ran the clean utility, updated the chipset drivers from Asus' website and even updated those from AMD's website for the X370 chipset. Even with these updates, any more recent version of the drivers leads me to the prior error. I thought initially it could maybe have been hardware, but using either card on its own leads to no issues whatsoever. This leads me to believe that the issue isn't hardware nor windows install related as the issue only occurs on newer versions of the drivers in two different windows installations.


I've also attached the DxDiag should it lend any help.


As an aside, the reason I'm really looking to upgrade now (aside from improvements in the drivers for newer games/etc) is that I've started to run into the occasional mid-game driver restart that requires a CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B to reset the stack (or reboot the machine) to get proper function from the GPUs again.

Any help/guidance/suggestions are welcome!