AMD FX-8350 Black Edition processor overheating, shutting down

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AMD FX-8350 Black Edition processor overheating, shutting down.


1. Processor:    FX-8350, 8-Core

2. Memory:       GSkill 2400, 32gbs RAM set at 1300 (Default)

3. Graphics:      EVGA GeForce GT 730, 4GB DDR3

4. PSU               Rosewill Gold 1,300 watt Lightening

5. CPU Cooler:  Corsair H110i 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler

6. Motherboard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

7. Fans:             4 Aerocool 140mm Dead Silent Fans (2 cooler exhaust; 2 front intake). 4 Cooler Master 120mm JetFlo fans (1 rear exhaust; 2 internal airflow; 1 bottom intake)

8. Case:            Cooler Master Cosmos SE


9: OPERATING SYSTEM: Linux Mint 18.2


System has run fine for over a year now at temps between 30C and 60C.


That said, the CPU temps started climbing above 70C and shutting down about 77C

according to PSENSOR, which reads hardware temps on some Linux systems.


1. If I enter BIOS, the CPU temps will climb until system shuts down. If the system is cold, I've about a minute or so time in BIOS before the shutdown.


2. If I let the Machine boot the OS (Linux Mint 18.2) it will idle for an hour or so and the temp will climb until it shuts down.


3. If I open Firefox, the system temps will climb within a minute or so to the shutdown point.


Dust isn't the problem.


The BIOS has been reloaded, the CMOS Battery removed, and jumper moved to clear it and both reinstalled. BIOS defaults are set.


The Thermal Paste between the pump and CPU was replaced with ArcticSilver 5 according to the instructions on ArcticSilver's website.


All cables are connected and seated properly.


No warning beeps on POST. LEDs that light during POST, turn off properly.


I intend to pull a EVGA 450 PSU out of my old machine and see if it makes a difference. Same with the Graphics card. But, in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.