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How to set custom resolution with eyeinfinity display mode for 3x1 video wall?

Question asked by on Sep 27, 2017

We had installed 4 port graphics card AMD Fire pro W4100 at one of our client in Bangalore,we installed it with 3x2 video wall and PC was used HP branded PC. We created 3x1 eyeinfinity display and we had set custom resolution of 2880x1080 for all the group.When   When we installed first PC was installed windows 7 pro 64 bit OS and that time we were easily created display group and achieve this custom resolution. Client recently upgraded OS to windows 10 and installed latest drivers of AMD firepro graphics card but we unable to set this custom resolution for  eyeinfinity group. It is only showing minimum resolution 3840x700,please give us solution How to set this targeted resolution with eyeinfinity display. We are in trouble now as all our content has designed with this resolution and we can not make any changes into it.  Please give us solution on this.