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any application that's accessing the graphics card is blocked

Question asked by nathanhuck on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by goodplay

Hello everyone, I've had an issue with my GPU which has occurred ever since I got my Ryzen 1600 cpu and installed windows 10.

When I'm playing games, this can be any game, they're all affected by this issue. I'll be able to play for 3-4 minutes before being crashed and sent to the desktop with the message stating 'this application has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware' meaning I have to force close the game or program and either try again or give up.

This doesn't just affect gaming. It also affects when I'm trying to do college work, using DesignSparkMechanical, I get sent to the desktop with the same error and being unable to carry on with my work.

I even get the message every so often that spotify has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware, so it's not an issue to do with GPU load.

The fixes I've tried are as followed:

Under clocking and increasing the power limit of the GPU, Still broken.

Updating to the latest and/or beta drivers for my gpu, Still broken.

Downgrading the drivers to up to a year old, Still broken.

Moving the gpu to another x16 PCI-E slot, Still broken.

Different 8-pin cables for the GPU power, Still broken.

Increasing the tdrDelay in the registry, Still Broken.


AMD Ryzen 1600 (not overclocked)

Asus ROG B350-F

AMD R9 290 4GB Vapor-X OC

Corsair LPX 2133Mhz DDR4 4GB x2

Crucial M500 120GB SSD

Windows 10 64bit


Please help me in whatever way you can, I've got more work coming up for college and if this doesn't get fixed then I'll have to resort to changing my graphics card.