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For Crying out Loud! APU GPU Frequency

Question asked by warsun on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by warsun

Good Greef people! I don't have an APU right now. Still saving up for the Threadripper for 7 more months! But i just saw a video on how to clock the GPU on the A12-9800!

It was SAD! Can someone please make a few videos on which motherboards an how to clock up the Frequency of the GPU on the AMD APUs?

I mean GPU not the Memory. GFX did not show the GPU frequency. I saw a video a long time ago where someone clocked the GPU to 1750MHz Not the CPU the GPU.

So if someone could please do so. An if possible link it here so people can find this information.Because honestly.Seeing the AMD performance show low scores BOTHERS ME!