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Ryzen AMD balanced power plan problems

Question asked by poedder on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2017 by poedder

Hello everyone,


so i made a thread about my pc freezing in windows (i can still move the mouse / sound is still working fine, but if i want to open a program nothing happens for a few seconds) and also in games (same issue... sound is working yet the picture doesnt move)


Sadly, noone had a response / solution for this problem. So i stress-tested everything again.. still no problems.


After that i had the amd balanced power plan activated for one day, the high performance plan for the other.


While i had multiple crashes with the ryzen amd balanced power plan, the system with the high performance plan enabled had not a single freeze.


I will leave it on the high performance mode for now, but i would rather have the amd balanced power plan enabled to save energy /better temps.


Does anyone know why my pc freezes in the AMD balanced power plan?


Help would be appreciated!