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How to get third monitor working R9 270X on Windows 10

Question asked by notqyteneo on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by peterparker

I have a user-built desktop running an R9 270x on an Asus M5A99x MB with Windows 10 for my OS. I am attempting to run 3 monitors.

1. A0C 22" on  DVI-I connection(right monitor)

2. HP 25" on HDMI(center)

3. LG 22" on DVI-D to VGA adapter[which does do the digital to analog conversion](left)


The computer works with all 3 monitors. But, like I've seen on a lot of these forums, only 2 can run at a time. If i disconnect any of the 3, the other 2 work in all combinations. The 3rd monitor(usually the LG) shows up in the CCC but is blacked-out and inaccessible inn the UI.


I have tried:

Multiple methods of uninstalling and reinstalling the display drivers and the CCC

Tried disconnecting the HDMI and bring computer up with the 2 DVIs connected, then connecting the HDMI.

Am not running the new Beta version of CCC, sill no luck.


Any ideas on what else I can try