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Card installed as Standard VGA Adapter

Question asked by suckerpunish on Sep 24, 2017

So, I have this problem: I had Windows 7 64 bits and it was everything fine, but I have some programs that require drivers, and there isn't a driver for 64 bits. So I tried installing the Windows 7 32 bits version.


Everything was working fine, until I found out that my video card isn't being recognized anymore, and it's being showed as "Standard VGA Adaptor". I searched and found out some people with the same problem. Most people advised them to update drivers, but that didn't work with me.


The following error ocurrs when I try running the stup.exe which should update my video card's driver: " Setup will now exit."


The thing is, I tried unistalling the "Standard VGA Adaptor" driver, but it requeires me to reboot, and when it reboots the drivers are automaically reinstalled. I also tried reinstalling Windows 7 32 bits, didn't work. Tried reinstalling Windows 7 64 bits, didn't work.


Any help would be really appreciated. It's been a few days since I had this problem, and I'm trying to solve it non-stop.


And before I forget, my Video Card is the Amd hd radeon 7600m

laptop model dell 3521 i5