Browser videos problem with 17.9.2 --17.11.1(Non-WHQL) from 17.11.1(WHQL) and after ,the problem happens only on games and vlc(3.00)

Discussion created by georges on Sep 24, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by uranusdess

Hey AMD , I have a PowerColor PCS+ HD7870 Myst. Edition 2GB GDDR5

The problem does not exist with 17.9.1

When I see videos from youtube or dailymotion (Chrome, Opera) the colors changing for a second and after a while they changing again especialy when I use my mouse or when I enable full screen...

For example blue color change to red    or   red to white

Its very annoying please fix the problem with next drivers

I instaled the drivers with DDU (with clean install)


*UPDATE* AMD solve the issue with browser videos from 17.11.1 WHQL , but the problem exists on some games (directx games) and VLC(3.00)