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    Whenever I play Overwatch, my game crashes.


      Whenever I play Overwatch, my game crashes. The screen freezes, but the audio continues to play. Any thoughts?

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          I contacted Blizzard support and they said that AMD have removed something from their latest drivers and informed me that the only fix was to rollback my drivers to 17.7.1.


          17.9.2 still has the crash until AMD fix it.

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            Overwatch has been a nightmare for me when it comes to driver updates. If you play this game often and aren't having issues, changing your AMD drivers is the equivalent of running through a minefield.


            I'm on a 7990 and naturally due to crossfire I have issues in games especially Overwatch. If anyone is having issues with Overwatch I would advise clean installing 17.1.1 with DDU and safemode. Launching the game through Radeon Settings with this config rather than through battle.net app helped me tremendously. If you dance with the devil that is crossfire, make sure your crossfire profile is overwatch.exe which can be found by searching overwatch in the AMD pre-defined crossfire profile list. This was what partially fixed blue screen on game launch and got my SIM under 4s (frame time is important for me as I'm on 144hz), again I must warn that Overwatch and AMD drivers do not like each other, if you don't have issues then just leave your drivers alone. The game has been un-launchable or unplayable on many occasions due to updating my drivers in hopes for performance gains.


            I have had constant issues with Overwatch and AMD settings, other games with issues could be solved by disabling crossfire, however, overwatch was never that easy of a fix for me.


            AMD HDMI sound drivers, and having automatic GPU updates in device manager should be removed/disabled.


            Finally, if you still have issues. Disable all startup items and launch the game through Radeon Settings. I had issues with Razer Synapse and Battle.net App somehow causing bluescreens(atikmdag.sys) on game launch.


            This is all from experience of someone who has played since launch on 7990. I should add, most of these problems started when I swapped to Windows 10, and no the windows gaming options didn't solve my problems.


            Hopefully someone solves their problems with my advice, I must again remind you that I'm on a HD7990, more recent hardware may have different solutions.