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RX 460 constant driver crash

Question asked by elfchild on Sep 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by elfchild

I'm constantly getting "not reponding" from drivers, I tried to put much info in uploaded pictures. I tried all drivers from oldest to newest, all of them, all installed one by one with amd utility for clean install, ALL of them crash. I tried scanning my pc for viruses, malwares, sfc.exe, all is clean so I don't know why crashes keep happening. Also doesn't even need to be DOTA 2, I just play Hearthstone and it crashes just takes a lot longer. Never had this issue with my old hd 5850. If anyone has any suggestion what else i can try. I'm thinking of returning this GPU and ask for my money back.


Fastest way for me to simulate the crash is to open DOTA 2 and some youtube videos and tab a bit, then it's gonna accure quickly, but then again as I mentioned I could just play and it's also gonna happen, it's just gonna take more time.


Any professional here who could give me some help?


I have a 965 BE and I don't clock it could I just want a stable system.


If there's any more info to link to help with the problem let me know.


Also I'd like to add that with old drivers GPU works horribly, Low FPS and still crash and old drivers don't reset, picture goes black and PC needs a manual restart. New driver just resets and you need to reset the game. Multiplayer online games, imposible to play like this.