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    How Are You Guys Controlling GPU Fans?


      I'm still using the older Radeon Settings before all this Crimson came in. Reason?? I can control the fan speed in the 'Profile Overdrive' tab for each different game.


      This new crimson Software that came out the tail end of last year doesn't have fan speed control does it?? People are having to use Afterburner. This doesn't make sense to me. Why would AMD not allow you to take control of your GPU fan speed from within Crimson itself?


      Am I totally wrong here?? Please enlighten me if I am.

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          Totally wrong. The Crimson/ReLive control panel has both global fan settings and per application/game profile fan settings. Afterburner or any other third party controller causes problems.

          The forum is broken right now, so I can't post screenshots...but, to answer your question....

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            They added Wattman to Crimson drivers that lets you control the fan speed of you graphics card, along with overclocking sliders, voltage settings etc.  I use it to set a more aggressive fan speed for my RX Vega 64's.

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              Still have your 390 ?

              Wattman manual fan speed settings are different to other cards, leave it on auto.

              I disable wattman (I mostly run off the cards fan control), and use the new afterburner beta when needed.



              ps. I also can't post pic(or links).

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                  I think I got confused in my original first post regarding the name of the latest AMD software/Driver package.


                  Yes,..I'm still using my R9-390. I'm still using the original Crimson Radeon Settings software (Before the newer Relive Edition), along with 16.9.2 Driver which still works great for me in all games (so far).


                  However,..I'm still thinking of upgrading to the newest and latest and I'm under the impression that there is no fan control in the settings which is causing people to install Afterburner.

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                      I can only say how my 390G1 works with/without wattman.

                      With = fan control is limited to auto or manual fixed speed (it's borked, reports incorrect speed, does not spin up to speed (tested with gpu-z render test & furmark, fixed speed @2000/2500/3000, only ran @1543-1767).

                      Without(no afterburner) = fans spin up as per vbios control.

                      Without(with afterburner) = fans spin up to profile.

                      Wattman & Afterburner do not work together, uninstall fully old ab(reset/delete profiles/erase auto saved startup is ticked first), install new afterburner beta.

                      So I leave wattman disabled. I don't use game profiles either (can't help with that one).

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