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    Driver installation freeze on laptop




      I have a dell M2800 laptop with an AMD FirePro W4170M.


      Since I updated it to Windows 10 the AMD Catalyst Control Center has been missing. A month ago I tried to install new drivers via the AMD website (with the program that detects the drivers you need) and it looked like it worked at first, because when I selected 'Custom Installation' I could pick whether I wanted the drivers only, or also the other AMD software. So I checked everything and pressed 'Install' or something similar. It then installed all the programs first, and finally it said "Installing AMD Display Driver...", with the loading bar completely filled. And that's where it freezes.


      I have tried to install it like 5 or more times, but it just kept freezing on the same screen. I have tried the 'wait till it unfreezes', but I don't think it will (I think I left it on for maybe a night?). Eventually I decided to reinstall windows 10 (just a completely fresh install) and, of course, it froze on installation leaving me with a laptop stuck in a bootloop.


      A while later I was able to get a USB with the windows installation tool from my desktop and did a completely fresh installation of windows 10. But when I tried to install the drivers again (because I need the AMD Control Center), it froze again during the "Installing AMD Display Driver...".


      What am I supposed to do? I can't update drivers or check if my drivers are up to date because I can't even get the AMD software on my laptop (you can't install it without installing the new drivers). It can't be a corrupted windows install, because I did a fresh installation recently.


      One more thing that might be useful: In Device Manager it shows up as an AMD Radeon HD 8790M, but that has never been a problem previously.


      Edit: to clarify, I also tried the 'Manually select your driver' option, but maybe I chose the wrong version? I don't know what I'm supposed to pick for the AMD Firepro W4170M.


      Edit 2: fairly shure I picked the 'Dell Precision M2800 driver', but it was weeks ago so I will try that again one more time.

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            i have same/similar issue as sdj2497


            In my case it's not Control Center i need, but the fresh driver, but still - every time i try to install it, installation freezes half way or 8/10 the way (depending on which version i install)


            Tried doing all steps as kingfish suggested and nada - still freezes on installation


            Im running Dell Precision M2800 with AMD FirePro W4170M on board

            Win 10 Pro 64 bit


            anymore piece of advice on what i could do?


            p.s. will be glad to post some more specs if needed to assess my situation. just ask

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            This exact same issue happens to me on my m2800
            What I did was install the driver from the Dell website, which is a much older version, like 15.0 or something, that works fine
            Any driver past 17.0 from the amd website just completely hangs on driver installation and i have to boot into safe mode and ddu the drivers off or do a system restore to before i installed the drivers
            I have had the new control center installed but the new drivers dont install
            Once, they did work, and the only difference then was that the drive had a mbr partition table, but i cant understand how that would make a difference
            I have had many different windows installations on the machine and none except that one could install the new versions

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                Hi, peachy


                yeah, i ended up installing antique driver from Dell website too, but problem here is that some software just won't run properly on old drivers...

                You mention trying on other installations of Win - were they different Win (7,8,10?) or all the same version, just fresh installs?



                This issue has nothing to do with Win10 Creator's Update. I just realized i didn't update before and still had the issue. Now tried following all the steps in this thread (Troubleshooting Common AMD Graphics Driver Installation Problems ) which lead me to updating Win to Creator's Update. And yes, even after thoroughly going through all the steps - problem persists.

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                    What happened was my drive died, and as i didnt have a windows 10 installation usb i used my old windows 7 one
                    this stick was formatted as mbr, and so it only installed on an mbr harddrive, so the new drive was an mbr
                    when i installed windows 7 i used the win7 driver from the dell website, and after about a week or two i upgraded with microsoft's tool back up to windows 10,  the partition table stayed mbr because i didnt reformat, and then when i installed the crimson drivers on windows 10, it worked, much to my surprise


                    i didnt think much of it at that time until i had to reinstall again, this time with a proper win10 usb image, which was gpt/uefi and then the crimson drivers failed, and then i mostly gave up and just went with the old ones



                    its certainly bizarre that the partition table could make a difference to video drivers but its the only thing i can think of that was different

                    i would test it but i dont have a spare drive to use at the moment


                    at the moment this is again a new setup of the latest windows 10 build, and the drive is a gpt
                    and yes, the crimson drivers hang the pc
                    its a strange hang as well, without any warning, the system just quitely dies
                    the screen stays on but everything else just ceases to function, the drive goes dead, cursor & keyboard goes dead, and it doesnt respond to anything at all
                    if you restart it without doing a system restore, it will at some point during bootup, usually just before the login screen, hang in exactly the same way
                    and nothing will move it till you hold down the power button or unplug the cable and battery, at which point i force a boot into safe mode and uninstall
                    once in safe mode disabled the video card in device manager and rebooted, and it booted up normally with it disabled, but then when i attempted to reenable it hung


                    its wierd but so far i havent run into any programs that dont work with the legacy ones from dell.
                    It even runs overwatch

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                        I have the same Problem with Dell M2800 and the newest AMD driver since I have Windows 10 running. I have tried many things, but nothing will work. On every installation it hangs. When I install in safe mode, it will hang on logon screen.

                        When I go to AMD driver homepage, I can download the latest driver for W4170M (Dell). This driver is specialy for this graphic card... so I can not understand that no driver since 15.xx can be installed. The latest installation setup that will work is a 15.xx from the Dell homepage!

                        Who can resolve our problem?

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                    I have the same problem!

                    On a fresh Windows 10 installation the Only drivers that work are these from dell's site, but they are 2 years old! Is there a way that we can update our drivers like all normal people?

                    The thing is that on the previous installation of windows (upgraded from 8.1) i was updating the drivers but the card showed up as radeon 8790m

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                      New drivers are up and running on amd's site releases 15/12/2017! They switched to radeon pro from crimson and everything works perfect!

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                        oh wow, I will definitely check it out thanks for sharing!

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                          Hi guys, i had similar problems with you all but i have finally discover and found solution to the problem. My laptop is acer Aspire with intel i7-4500u, with amd Radeon HD 8750M and integrated intel HD 4400. So after a clean format of my laptop i let windows to install all the updates and then i always tried to install the amd latest software but during the installation my laptop always freeze. So after so many readings, tries and fails i finally found a simple solution. I downloaded from acer website the amd drivers for windows 8.1 and in the folder Bin64 i used AMDCleanupUtility to uninstall all the components of amd. After i installed the 8.1 drivers which it was the catalyst some previous version, after the restart i downloaded the latest software of amd (adrenaline 18.2). I used custom installation and made sure the installation folder destination was at program files which is already AMD folder there. After the installation was succeeded and amd was working perfectly. This is how it looks in the devise manager. The windows 10 drivers for amd are not compatible with amd software.Untitled.png

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                            I have a Dell M2800 and hit this infuriating driver freeze problem. Spent a day trawling the internet and doing multiple Win10 reinstalls & reboots. Finally I was able to load the latest driver by doing these steps, which is reproducable with a fresh Win10 install:  ** these steps I did on one system and could not do on another!! **


                            1. Install the Dell Precision M2800 driver ( M2800_Video_Driver_G5JNR_WN32_15.201.1101_A01.EXE )


                            2. Install the Dell Precision M3510 FirePro driver (AMD-FirePro-Tropr-Pro-L-Graphic-Driver_799MW_WIN_17.400.2011_A01)


                            3. Express install win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-edition-18.3.4-march23.exe.  Do not skip this step or else (4) will load only the driver component and the AMD Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro Settings component errors and fails to install. Maybe AMD fixes this error in the future so can skip this step?


                            4.Express install win10-64bit-radeon-pro-software-enterprise-18.q1.1-march22.exe . At this point your dGPU will appear as a AMD Fire Pro W4170M in device manager.


                            When all done, you'll have full switchable graphics AMD FirePro Settings. The latest AMD Firepro bluescreen interface looks much better than Dell's 2800 driver from 2015.


                            Another huge bonus with this latest driver is a significant decrease in power consumption while on battery. Along with some other tweaks (Dell Feature Enhancement Pack 2.2.1, Intel RST 14.8  AHCI driver, AHCI Link Power Management HIPM+DIPM  regedit tweak) my FHD/i7-quad/SSD Dell M2800 idles at just under 5W on lowest brightness in Win10. Its ~3.4W when screen goes blank.  I got a Ultrasharp EDP FHD LCD (Samsung LTN156HL02-001) equipped M2800 from the factory. I see the systemboard has a 40pin EDP connector. If could find the right cable, I wonder if a EIZO 4K 40-pin EDP LCD could be retrofitted to the M2800?


                            This  < 5W idle is crazy low. Prior to this driver it was ~8W and so equates to a nice battery life boost. I have no reason to update to a Precision M35x0/M75x0 as this system is in some ways better (optical drive, better keyboard, still has the dock connector, costs a ton less). Also looks better, weighs less and with a smaller chassis than the 'premium' Dell M4800. M2800 is a great sleeper laptop.


                            Oh.. and in future if you ever bootup and the AMD driver freezes the system (not that it does for me), boot in safe mode & regedit "enableulps" changing it from 1 to 0 to disable it. Lots of google hits on that one. Though expect a decrease in battery life.

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                              I have the same problem.
                              I can confirm that this issue is related to ULPS. If you turn off ULPS in registry in safe mode or on the .inf file before installation it works fine (I wrote about it here https://community.amd.com/message/2777994#comment-2777994 )

                              8790M and W4170M are the same chip so you can install consumer or pro version of the drivers.

                              For me the last version which works without any problems was 'Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.9.3-Win10-64Bit-Sep30'.
                              You can install it as fresh installation without any previous version of drivers and it works.
                              After that I prefer to block installation of drivers at Group Policies for specific hardware ID of GPU. It prevents to install other driver by Windows Update and unexpected system hang (also after Windows big update etc.)


                              Newer drivers doesn't work, even these dedicated to Dell M2800 'Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Edition for Dell Mobile'.

                              Also drivers from Windows Update cause OS freeze!


                              I hope AMD finally solve this issue!

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                                  d3f wrote:


                                  After that I prefer to block installation of drivers at Group Policies for specific hardware ID of GPU. It prevents to install other driver by Windows Update and unexpected system hang (also after Windows big update etc.)

                                  Could you detail the process for doing this with gpedit? I'm in Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restrictions -> Prevent installation of devices using drivers that match these device setup classes. Is that where you made your change? Elsewhere? What value do you use? Thanks.

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                                      In device manager, go to AMD Firepro properties. In details tab, check hardware IDs and copy them. E.g.





                                      Then in the group policy level you mentioned, go to the setting 'prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs'. Enable the setting and click 'Show...' after which you can paste the hardware IDs one by one. Make sure to save the setting and that no other setting overrides it.

                                      This will prevent installation of your Firepro, allowing you to run windows upates and keep an old driver that allows for ULPS.


                                      Alternatively, if you need a newer driver, disable ULPS manually in safe mode as mentioned in this thread as well.

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                                    enableulps is worth pursing if wanting noticable improvements in battery life


                                    I did testing to find out how low I can get my M2800 to idle on battery using batterybar. The results are startling:


                                    1. 5.0Wh - enableulps + latest driver:  https://www2.ati.com/drivers/firepro/win10-64bit-radeon-pro-software-enterprise-18.q1.1-march22.exe


                                    2. 9.0Wh - enableulps + Dell's M2800 driver:  https://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03309570M/1/M2800_Video_Driver_G5JNR_WN32_15.201.1101_A01.EXE


                                    3. 11.0Wh - enableulps=0 (disabled in registry) with either driver. This is also the same power usage if just disable the W4170M dGPU in device manager.


                                    So there is a 6.0Wh difference from best to worst. To put this in perspective, If you are getting 2hrs battery life from a 50Wh 6-cell battery(*), 25Wh average, then recouping 6Wh will give you 40mins more battery life (50/19=2.63). * These silly Dell 65Wh batteries drop to 50Wh almost immediately upon being used. I tested three brand new ones, 2xLG and one SMP as reported by Dell's Battery Info app.


                                    (1) is the best result but getting the driver loaded is a PITA. I haven't been able to repeat my previous load and am concerned come rebuild time. This looks to be equivalent to having no dGPU at all.


                                    (2) is the easiest.. no driver installation hang and some battery savings but using an old 2015 driver.


                                    (3) is what you get with the latest driver loaded and applying the workaround to set enableulps=0 in the registry or modded installation files. So have the latest driver but lose battery life.

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                                      Followed @d3f's advice finding the following sequence had no driver freeze issue, updates the drivers and gives <5W idle power consumption on battery to extend battery life on a M2800.   The only minor annoyance is the W4170M shows as a HD8790M in device manager and Radeon Pro settings.


                                      Posted on the cloud here so I have a record of what to do when I need a rebuild.


                                      1. Win10 Spring Creator's Edition (1803). Did a fresh install since it came out today.


                                      2. Dell's last M2800 driver:



                                      3. "AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.9.3 driver download WHQL"

                                      Download AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Graphics Driver 17.9.3 for Windows 10 64 bit



                                      Extra info: improve M2800/E6540 battery life with aftermarket 74Wh/75Wh batteries


                                      Improve battery life further without resorting to bulky 9-cell battery by way of an aftermarket 74wh or 75Wh 6-cell battery sold by Green Cell, CMP-Power, Superb Choice/Bavvo. There you'd get 50% more battery life due to a higher capacity (50Wh*->75Wh).  Green Cell Ultra using reknown high-quality Panasonic cells. eg:


                                      CMP 6700mAh LG Cell (Cycles Charge > 1000 Times) Laptop Battery for Dell E5420 E5430 E5530 E6420 E6430 E6520 E6530 Inspi…

                                      Amazon.com: Superb Choice Super-Capacity Li-ion Battery For DELL Latitude E5430, 11.1V,6700mAh: Electronics


                                      Dell Latitude E6540 Battery for Dell Laptop - BatteryEmpire


                                      * These silly Dell 65Wh 6-cell batteries drop to 50Wh almost immediately upon being used. I tested three brand new ones, 2xLG and one SMP as reported by Dell's Battery Info app.

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                                          However, this still means you end up with a driver that was not meant for this specific card. The problem remains that the drivers provided by AMD, said to be compatible with the Firepro W4170m, do not actually install on the Precision m2800 machines.

                                          While the notebooks are sold as professional devices with ISV-certified drivers to "optimize performance and reliability with leading industry applications", the costumers who bought these notebooks instead get a driver from 2015 and Windows Update crashing because it attempts to install a newer one.

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                                              Dell's response to this issue  here:

                                              You can use the new AMD drivers, however they cause the issues you posted.  The drivers on our site have been formulated to work exclusively with our machines by AMD and Dell, so they sometimes are a bit different than the ones posted on the manufacturer's website.


                                              Ie: they don't care. So where does that leave us?


                                              Above I wrote the procedure to update to the ReLive 17.9.3 WHQL driver that doesn't case a freeze and keep enableulps on to extend battery life.


                                              In your case, you may want to forego the battery life improvements in favor of the latest Firepro driver. d3f wrote here how to load this driver such that the problematic enableulps isn't activated as found here, copied below:


                                              d3f wrote:


                                              I found a solution for this problem. zippoex kingfish
                                              Probably after Anniversary Update there is a issue with ULPS (ultra low power state) and AMD drivers newer than Crimson 16.7.2. It causes a system freeze.


                                              So there are two solutions:

                                              1) If you need a longer battery time and ULPS turned on, you should install version 16.7.2 or 16.6.2 ( I also had some issues with 16.7.2 version due to wrong certificate or sth, but generally it works)


                                              2) If you need the latest version of driver you should disable ulps and then install a driver. Normally you can do it by registry modification, by searching for a registry key EnableULPS and EnableULPS_NA and changing it to 0 value. But during the installation of new driver it reverts back to the default value and system freezes. So you need to mod the driver and disable ULPS by default.


                                              WARNING! It helps me, but I am not responsible if something will go wrong. You do it on your own risk!


                                              - Find your hardware identifier at Device Manager -> Graphic cards -> AMD Radeon (your card model) -> Details -> hardware identifier
                                              mine was something like that: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6606&SUBSYS_XXXXXX

                                              - Unpack drivers and find a file C:\AMD\Non-WHQL-Win10-64Bit-Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-17.1.1-Jan16\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\C0310456.inf

                                              - Open the file and find you identifier in [ATI.Mfg.NTamd64.10.0...14310]. You should match a proper line for example mine was "%AMD6606.1%" = ati2mtag_R502DS, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6606" note the part "ati2mtag_XXXXXX", so mine was ati2mtag_R502DS
                                              - Now the most important thing is to find the part with config of your graphic card model. Just match your identifier, mine is: [ati2mtag_R502_SoftwareDeviceSettings]
                                              - Under this part find the lines:

                                              "HKR,, EnableUlps_NA, %REG_SZ%, 1"

                                              "HKR,, EnableUlps, %REG_DWORD%, 1"
                                              - Change the values to 0 and save the file.

                                              - Alternatively, you can search and change all the values 'EnableUlps' and 'EnableUlps_NA' in this file

                                              - Probably a driver installation will fail, so you should temporary disable 'driver signing' in Windows settings, before. If you dont know how to do it look at this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_devices/how-do-i-disable-driver-signature-enforcement-win/a53ec7ca-bdd3-4f39-a3af-3bd92336d248?auth=1

                                              - Install the driver and restart the PC. Now it should work fine without freezes on latest drivers.


                                              PS. I was searching for this solution for a few moths, so I hope it helps other user. Maybe it will be a good idea to pin this post somewhere.
                                              PS2: I hope that AMD will FINALLY FIX this issue!!! It looks that no one cares about it!!!

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                                                  ULPS is always set to the default with a new driver installation. You have always had to rest it to '0' after installing new drivers > ULPS: How to disable

                                                  The computer power plan must be set to 'Performance' (not 'balanced) as well.


                                                  From AMD:

                                                  Processor or APU not running at the full speed can be a result of the AMD power saving feature Cool‘n’Quiet Technology (CNQ). Cool‘n’Quiet allows the operating system to match the processor utilization to the system workload, resulting in reduced power usage, lower energy cost and quieter PC operation. Cool‘n’Quiet technology adjusts the voltage, current and processor frequency in line with the system workload and the pre-set processor speed steps or states. Different processors and APUs may have different numbers of power steps or states.

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                                                    Dell's response to this issue here:

                                                    You can use the new AMD drivers, however they cause the issues you posted. The drivers on our site have been formulated to work exclusively with our machines by AMD and Dell, so they sometimes are a bit different than the ones posted on the manufacturer's website.


                                                    Ie: they don't care. So where does that leave us?

                                                    Not sure if Dell doesn't care or if they simply don't see the problem of sticking with their 2015 driver. I have noticed performance issues with the 15.201.1101 driver in e.g. Autodesk Inventor, and the dGPU sometimes gets stuck in a lower power state, so that old driver definitely is not performing as it should (at least not in Windows 10).

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                                                I found how to install the latest driver without a freeze. You need to carefully time to disable the ULPS setting with radeonmod in the ~2s after manual driver installation before it freezes. Here's the steps:


                                                1. Download radeonmod:  RadeonMod Download v1.0.14

                                                2. Download your latest AMD driver and extract it (will go to c:\AMD)

                                                3. Run Radeonmod. Set ULPS to be disabled. Keep Radeonmod window open

                                                4. Go to device manager->Display Adapters->AMD FirePro W4170M

                                                5. Update Driver -> c:\AMD directory

                                                6. Let it install the latest driver. Simultaneously have your mouse over the Radeonmod 'restart driver' option so as disable the ULPS setting as soon as the driver has installed. Time it too late and it's a freeze.

                                                7. Manually go to the AMD driver directory and install Packages->Apps files to update your Radeon Pro Settings.



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                                                  The last driver that doesn't freeze the system is 17.10.1.

                                                  I compared registry (regshot) before/after 17.10.1 & 17.10.2 and see no notable differences/

                                                  Therefore 17.10.2 made some changes in the driver files themselves to cause the enableulps freeze.

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                                                    I have the definitive fix to the 'freeze' problem with 17.10.2+ AMD driver installation


                                                    After spending quite a bit of time on this to solve this problem, I now have a fuss-free solution allowing the latest [18.Q2 Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Edition for Dell Mobile ] driver to install on my Dell Precision M2800 with all features enabled by simply double-clicking the downloaded file. The freeze during the installation process described by numerous users here for a M2800 and other systems no longer occurs.


                                                    Dell or AMD can PM me if they wish to engage my support to fix their problem - an upgrade to a AMD 8GB Vega56 video card for my desktop system would do.


                                                    I expect systems with a newer FirePro dGPU such as Dell Precision M3510, M3520, M7510, M7520, M7710, M7720 will also experience this freeze when they update to the latest [18.Q2 Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Edition for Dell Mobile] driver.


                                                    My simple fix applies also to these other Dell workstation-class systems.

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                                                      These would be the latest driver for your laptop: Download Drivers


                                                      AMD FirePro™ Mobility Driver

                                                      Clean install it and remember to disconnect from the internet until you have uninstalled/installed the new driver set and have rebooted your computer.

                                                      Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

                                                      DDU has new instructions..make sure you have the latest version