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Driver installation freeze on laptop

Question asked by sdj2497 on Sep 24, 2017
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I have a dell M2800 laptop with an AMD FirePro W4170M.


Since I updated it to Windows 10 the AMD Catalyst Control Center has been missing. A month ago I tried to install new drivers via the AMD website (with the program that detects the drivers you need) and it looked like it worked at first, because when I selected 'Custom Installation' I could pick whether I wanted the drivers only, or also the other AMD software. So I checked everything and pressed 'Install' or something similar. It then installed all the programs first, and finally it said "Installing AMD Display Driver...", with the loading bar completely filled. And that's where it freezes.


I have tried to install it like 5 or more times, but it just kept freezing on the same screen. I have tried the 'wait till it unfreezes', but I don't think it will (I think I left it on for maybe a night?). Eventually I decided to reinstall windows 10 (just a completely fresh install) and, of course, it froze on installation leaving me with a laptop stuck in a bootloop.


A while later I was able to get a USB with the windows installation tool from my desktop and did a completely fresh installation of windows 10. But when I tried to install the drivers again (because I need the AMD Control Center), it froze again during the "Installing AMD Display Driver...".


What am I supposed to do? I can't update drivers or check if my drivers are up to date because I can't even get the AMD software on my laptop (you can't install it without installing the new drivers). It can't be a corrupted windows install, because I did a fresh installation recently.


One more thing that might be useful: In Device Manager it shows up as an AMD Radeon HD 8790M, but that has never been a problem previously.


Edit: to clarify, I also tried the 'Manually select your driver' option, but maybe I chose the wrong version? I don't know what I'm supposed to pick for the AMD Firepro W4170M.


Edit 2: fairly shure I picked the 'Dell Precision M2800 driver', but it was weeks ago so I will try that again one more time.