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constant GPU load

Question asked by rvboutin on Sep 23, 2017


I have read various post reporting abnormal 100% GPU load, and how to potentially solve it but the problem I have is slightly different in that 1/ I don't get 100% load and 2/ the solutions offered do not work.

I have always a 30% GPU load even when my desktop (Windows 7) is idle... if I open the Radeon parameters and press "reset to default parameters" then for short while GPU load goes back to 0%, then often goes back up to about 30%. I have scanned for virus, rootkit, malwares, etc.. with Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and ClamAV (under linux), nothing found...

I noticed that after playing some games the issue does not happen anymore...

I believe this is a driver issue...

Any clue?




Card is Radeon R9 270X, drivers 17.9.1