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Adding another GPU to my A8-7600 APU with R7-240

Question asked by fathomstory on Sep 23, 2017



I have a Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H motherboard with an A8-7600 APU and an R7-240 GPU, an old Envy sound card and 16 gigs of RAM. I use my computer for graphics, audio/video editing/color grading with programs like DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender (as an NLE). I want to boost my rendering times and give some more 'oomph' to my rig. I was looking at getting another graphics card such as the RX550. Apparently, there are issues with going this route (adding an RX550 to my current setup--like this poor fellow tried  old gpu as coprocessor  ), such as compatability issues. Is there a graphics card I can get that will go nicely with my current set-up, driver wise? I would like OpenCL or whatever it is that Blender uses for the Windows and whatever for the GNU/Linux side. (If I have to choose only one, than Windows) Is there anything in the price range or series. One issue I have is that DaVinci Resolve (light) complains I have run out of GPU ram. So I want to get something with 4 gigs of RAM that will keep it from complaining. The Adobe stuff runs fine, not much complaining, but Blender and Resolve are might benefit from more GPU heft methinks.