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Vega 64, every game is unplayable

Question asked by 9warbane on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by 9warbane

Edit: Turns out the cpu heat sink had came loose.



Underload, notice the GPU MHz is very low.

Everything runs at unplayable framerates.

I had a R9 290 before and everything was fine.


Is the GPU is faulty? OR it's almost like it's using the integrated graphics instead BUT its a desktop pc, and the monitor is connected to the card via a displayport cable.


3D Mark results in a black screen then a reset.



CPU - i7 4770K

Mobo - Gigabyte 787X-UD3H-CF

Ram - 32 GB DDR3

GPU - Gigabyte RX Vega 64

PSU - 750 watt

OS - Windows 7 64 bit


I have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers.

I have gotten specific drivers (desktop, rx vega, windows 7 64 bit) from AMD's site.

Changed PCI express slot.

2 separate 8pin cables out the PSU to the card.


Pretty desperate at this point.


Edit: I put the old card back in, uninstalled the drivers, reset, ran Display Driver Uninstaller while in safe mode and shutdown.

Put Vega in, installed drivers, no good.



I did get 3d mark to work, it's like it's using the onboard graphics looking at the 3d mark results.


"Graphics driver is not approved" I'll uninstall them again and try older ones.


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