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Ryzen 1700 Freezing

Question asked by poedder on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2017 by alane

Hello everyone,


I decided to make my first post regarding my Ryzen 1700 build (Hope that is the right forum section).


So i decided to upgrade since my old Pc (Gtx 970, etc.) because it struggled maintaining good fps in a few games.


I built my new pc (Ryzen 1700, Asus Strix B350, 16Gb Corsair LPX 3000Mhz Memory, Gtx 1080ti), however i had a lot of problems regarding stability although i updated the BIOS, Drivers, etc. (everything was up to date). With problems regarding stability i mean windows and programs constantly freezing for a few seconds. I tried stress tests but they ran fine. Since i did every possible solution and the pc still had the same problems, i sent my purchases back to the seller, except the RAM.


A few weeks later, I bought new parts (still a Ryzen 1700, but ASUS Crosshair Hero VI as Mainboard + Water cooled gtx 1080) and built my pc again.


Now im still having problems with windows constantly freezing, games freezing for more than 10 seconds or chrome being stuck at "waiting for cache" (the massage on the bottom left when u open a website). I have everything up-to-date... I downloaded the chipset driver from amd , graphics card driver from nvidia and the rest from the asus homepage for said mainboard.


At first i thought it may be because of my overclock, so i loaded the default settings --> didnt help.

I ran mutiple stress tests including RAM tests without error massages.


The only things i recognized, were that it freezes a lot less if the pc is already running for a few hours / if high performance power plan is enabled (id like to use the amd balanced power plan tho...)


Since i dont know what to do anymore, i hope that someone can help me.. and that would be very very appreciated!


Is the RAM maybe broken ? Thats the only part i didnt send back after my first purchase (although memtests dont show errors?)