r5 1600 ~7°c idel temp!

Discussion created by thekwango on Sep 22, 2017

Hi all,


first time poster so please go easy

i've done a quick search for similar problems to mine and only came across one (R7 1700 Low temperature readings? ) with a similar problem but mine is slightly worse....


basically my cpu is reporting an idle temp of approx ~7°c, this is in bios and any desktop temp monitoring software i use. the temps do rise and fall as expected when gaming etc so it seems it's just the 'base level' that's off.


the cpu temps initially were reporting fine up until a couple of weeks ago. the system seems to be working fine but i'm just at a loss as to what has changed (or broken!!) to cause this.


note: i have tried several bios versions and all are giving the same result.

note 2: i have had a catalogue of bad luck with this build. 1st motherboard died after 3 days (think it was related to an older version of hwinfo64 corrupting bios) a week after the rma board was fitted ram started failing!! - the weird temp issue appeared a few days before the ram failed. long shot i know but thought they might have been related but refitted the replacement ram and reflashed the bios and still in the same boat.


does it now look like a failing cpu or is there some sort of offset can be applied to the temp reading to correct the 'base' value?


many thanks in advance