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Mouse lag ??? I think I found the cause and the solution.

Question asked by artur.aragao on Sep 22, 2017
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Mouse lag ??? I think I found the cause and the solution.


Dear AMD Engineers,


Today I came across a problem that I did not realize I had become accustomed to. It is the one of the mouse lag that many reported here in the forum and did not see answers that fit for what I unintentionally discovered today. I'll be more explanatory.


For months I've always noticed that the mouse was a bit stuck. My mouse is a Logitech G403 wired. Very good by the way. I thought it was something of the mouse, and I got used to it.


Today I was installing the new drivers "17.9.2" full of fears, because always comes bombs after "1.17.x.1". And I was configuring everything and forgot to configure the GPU Scale option on the Monitor tab. I noticed for a long time that the mouse flowed normally and I went to test the games. I found this strange and even lost in CS GO because I'm already used to the degradation in DPI. As that got me straight, I went to look for the revision of the settings and I came across the option of disabled GPU Scale. Enable to see what would happen and bing !!! He returned to the "normal" I was accustomed to. This was what was causing degradation in the DPI of the mouse giving the sensation of lag.


I kept the GPU Scale option disabled and performed other tests. I noticed an improvement in the overall performance of my various open Chrome tabs. There are over 100 and I see them constantly. I felt the system more agile after that. So I think the feature not only degrades the performance of my mouse, but of my PC as well. I do not know if I'm talking nonsense, but after that I felt a lower memory consumption in the open tabs and better smoothing in handling them.