Suddenly... it was all RED!

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For a long time I've wanted this, and when I had it I hadn't even realized it was there. Has this ever happened to you?


Now that the waters have calmed down a bit, that the hype train has sort of left the station, that AMD can measure their success with the new Zen and Vega architectures, be they stumbling as it may at times, I was chatting about in Discord with fellow community members and while talking about tech and all things mostly AMD, it struck me: Colt is my first ever all-AMD build... Had the hardware since Sempron II and as far back as the ATI Rage gpu's, even owned the beautiful 7950 for a short while but had to sell it because I couldn't afford to pay for it in the end, just never at the same time in the same case.


Been so preoccupied by which motherboard to choose, which CPU to go with, what to put in the build, Vega wasn't out yet so I had to go with a top-end green team due to my work and mining craze over-inflated prices on RX400 and RX500 series. Vega FE came out finally, already had a very strong graphics card so wasn't going to stretch £1200 (FE launch price in the UK) for another. Saw the crazy stumbling launch and sure enough the RX Vega came out and was off the shelves in less than 10 minutes all over the world!


Given my work as a 3D artist and architect, I needed the PRO benefits and so, thanks to the infinite patience of one of your community's best (you know who you are), I went for a Vega FE... stretched £900 from a budget already at it's limit. Only to be followed by what can only count as the worst mood swings I've ever encountered from a pc component, with the AMD team stretched out to the max of their ability to support RX and prepare for WX9100 and SSG, unable to release any driver updates for the FE. Endless frustrations with unstable drivers, and entire evenings spent trying to find out what this card is capable of, only to later find the diamond in the dirt that's been hiding under yet immature drivers, absolutely smashing performance! When it actually decided it's a good day to be stable, of course... It trashed even more expensive pro green cards and I'm sure there's only upwards to go!


All this desperation that I've paid £900 for a card that is essentially yet under-developed in terms of stability, paired with some unfortunate events in my life, 14h work days and a ridiculously dark time for me, have pushed me to the edge of my sanity at times. But in the evenings, weekends, I come back home, sit down, and am honestly greeted by constructive debates on Discord, get to watch streams from great community members, get pointers on how to push the most out of my hardware, it's such a pleasant community to be a part of. Never had anything of the sort with the other companies, nothing short of brilliant to be part of the AMD community. I don't think I've ever seen a member trash-talk the competition, instead raising coherent and constructive arguments wherever knowledge permitted it - I'm an introvert, I don't like loud places, I love the comfort of my home and the solace of a hike.


One evening, while having a chilled chat with the ladies and gentlemen on AMD's Discord, I realized that I have actually built my first all AMD workstation ever... and with that I've realized that I have a beast of a 1080Ti FTW3 just sitting on the shelf unused because the Vega FE, despite all instabilities of the immature drivers and bad temper, quite simply surpasses the previous in what I need it for by as much as 20-25% at times. I have an £800 card just sitting there and am not even tempted to take it out of it's box anymore


I guess, where I'm going with this, is that I've found a community worth sticking to, that actually understand the meaning of "support". Maybe one day proudly be tagged with a plus but I don't even care about titles, I really don't, I'm surrounded daily by extremely rich people that have treated me and my team like scum because of an inferior rank title despite triple the experience and quality of the "titled" competition. Instead I truly care about the community, about seeking help and then offering it ten-fold. It's the people that make the community, not the titles. You'll have me around for as long as I can type and talk and will wear the red badge happy and proud!


I just thought I'd share my recent story, I would love to hear yours as well! It's not an introduction of myself and certainly not for benefits, if anybody wants to know me better just hit me up, I'm an open book It's simply an expose' of my recent experience, both at my desk, and away from it. I do have to apologize for not keeping up with Fan Art section, it's been a very hard time for me, I'll resume when I can gather whatever shards are left of my mind.


Proudly Red Team! With a shade of PRO blue