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Black screen with pointer after Windows update

Question asked by sherman on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by sherman

I get black screen with pointer after Windows 10 update. My HP laptop has AMD A6-9220 APU processor with integrated graphics card (MD Radeon™ R4). Using old restore point fixes the issue but after Windows forces updates the issue repeats itself and reinstalling drivers doesn't help at all. All the drivers are up to the date and I have tried all the tips I have found.

Since the issue comes after updates and only way to go to working desktop is by using restore point.. It's matter of time until this fix stops working and with black sceen with pointer I cannot really do anything since safe mode on Windows 10 doesn't allow to update or install drivers


The issue is clearly caused by Windows update messing with AMD drivers since I have troubleshoot all other possible causes I can imagine so far