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Where I can download BKDG for 17h?

Question asked by destroyfx on Sep 21, 2017
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The Ryzen R7 1700 I received back from RMA (segfault) have a VID too low for most of the mother board from what I understand.


So it have the 15.5 multi bug ... If I increase the vcore, the CPU get stuck to 1.0V and 15.5 multiplier and it's not usable.
Using Ryzen master work fine on Windows but I don't use that OS except for some overclock tools and tests...


I need the BKDG manual for 17h as this manual contain the documentation and registers to alter the p-states without buying yet another 300$ motherboard.
I just want to make a small utility to control that from Linux. A Daemon that configure them at boot and a GUI tool to control the daemon.


I don't mind NDA, if it's required I will simply not redistribute the source of the programs.