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Vega 64 GPU locks at high power usage (sometimes)

Question asked by disi on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by disi

If I often close/start a game (the Forest), the GPU may lock at high power usage.

The only way to get it down again is to reboot the PC.


I run VS, a browser on one screen and explorer/power shell on the other.

To test, I start the game on the first screen and the power usage (LED display on the GPU itself) goes up to maybe 4-6/10.


After some time you still hear the case/radiator fans are going, despite being on the desktop for some time. Only then I notice the card is locked at 4-6/10 power usage, but no game is running, no process using more than maybe 0-1% of CPU time.

I can try to reapply the balanced profile etc. nothing helps. Only a reboot sets it back to 1/10 on the desktop.


This is something you really would not notice without the LED display.