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When will a new version of blockchain compute driver be released?

Question asked by ingyenfrag on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2018 by shakerfawzi

I know it's just a beta driver, but I have some serious issues with it.

The performance is really good, but half of the tweaking features doesn't work properly.

You know that it's really important in mining to get the optimum settings between performance and power consumpsion.


Currently I'm mining Etherium on vega 56, which doesn't really need high GPU clock, it needs HBM clock.

I simply can't get down the GPU clock to lower unnecessary power consumpsion.


The percentage slide works somehow, but even if I adjust the slide to -30% it drops between 1138-1269MHz,

while it should be 1077MHz in P6 and 1112MHz in P7.


The dynamic feature where I can adjust P6 and P7 manually doesn't work at all. It doesn't matter what I write to the boxes, it doesn't change anything.


HBM voltage control doesn't work either, but it can be solved by flashing vega 64 bios on vega 56 card. (I don't really want to flash all my cards if it not necessary.)


Is is possible to fix these bugs is a further release?


Thank you very much!