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    Quake Champions Activation ?




      I try since a week to activate my Quake Champions AMD Reward Code but it doesnt work... everytime Ill get a support ticket where i have to fill in the Coupon Code and pictures of the Coupon stuff... Now  I allready have 6 opened tickets and waiting since a week for any answers or something... I called the support with phone and they just dont know what to do or how to help me... How ? What's the problem ?

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          We are sorry but we will not be able to activate your game code. Ebay is not one of our partners and in order for you to receive a code you would have had to buy an eligible AMD product.

          Our terms state “Additionally, Applications are for personal use only (i.e. no commercial use including but not limited to use in an internet café environment). Participants may not resell Key Codes and so doing may void the Key Codes, the Participant’s AMD Unique IDs and/or the Participant's (or third party's) ability to download the Applications or use the Key Codes.”

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          This guy is a trusted reseller... what a terrible support !