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Drivers problem with R9-380?

Question asked by jotacabral on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by goodplay

My Config:


Motherboard: M5A78L-M


CPU:  FX-8320E


GPU: R9 380




HD: 500GB Sata


C500 Corsair


Windows 10 Pro


Radeon Software Version



I was playing PUBG at 2PM on September 14.

I had to leave and i came back 7 hours later

After that my games doesn't work at "Medium - High - Ultra" Anymore...

And for some reason they still work in the minimum...


PUBG, For honor, BF1... Crashes after 3 minutes

LoL, RocketLeague and KF2... doensn't crash


I run the memtest and apparently my RAM still works fine...

I Uninstall my GPU drivers with the DDU

I have Re-Installed the windows 10( 2 times, but not formated )

I took out and put my RAM in to make sure they were not displaced, I cleaned them with white rubber, reconnected the gpu...

I Run the diagnostic in the windows looking for software problems and i used some softwares too

I have scanned my pc looking for virus using the avast

And i tried some other things too...


//On September 14, my pc had the box open because it was overheating and I was too lazy to clean, i already clean the cpu and close the box.


I dont understand, it just doesn't make sense... If someone had hit my pc while the box was open and the hardware was damage it should not even turn on( i guess )

So, i think it was a system problem and i dont know what to do...

I'm working on it for 4 days and i still dont understand why my gpu still works on the minimum and not on the medium?! Why it crashes...

Why pubg said (" ... memory could't be written..."[something like this])   and For Honor sais the GPU drivers stopped work...

I leave it with you guys.