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Tv or graphic card problem?

Question asked by drouinfrank on Sep 18, 2017



I just discovered that when I am playing War Thunder, some effects such as flames or smokes don't display properly. By that I mean that instead of having a cloud/trail of smoke when I fly a plane (and only when I fly a plane), I get couple of big squares with the same color as the smoke or the ground, AND some trail of smoke. The effect is still partially there but it is like it is displayed in very poor resolution or not at all (hence the big squares the color of the effects)


It appear either my tv (bravia 32l5000), my RX570 or even the game, can't properly display the effects. But I can't figure who is the culprit.



My GPU is new, but it is on an old computer who recently received 8 gb RAM (some of which were defective) and my TV is supposed to be able to go up to 720p.