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BSOD after using AMD Clean Uninstall Utility

Question asked by bluemanacrab on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by aod81

Hi guys,


This is my first time posting after many years of using my GPU with no problems! So firstly, thanks for your products.


My issue comes after installing Fifa17 yesterday and the game not being compatible with the latest legacy drivers for my Radeon HD 6800 series graphics card. I read on a number of forums that the driver had to be rolled back to v14-something for FIFA17 to be playable... So I downloaded the driver and tried to uninstall the previous driver, eventually using the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility to do so as there was no AMD program listed in add/remove programs. I felt reassured of doing this as the program stated it would create a backup restore state. However, after the following restart I got a flash of a BSOD, then an unsuccessful startup repair (as it could not detect any previous restore states). I could then operate only in safe mode. I tried then to install the driver but kept getting the error that it was "unable to load detection drivers", so I read some more forums about this and the BSOD likely being a problem with the uninstaller removing vital drivers and files from the windows directory, and that perhaps installing all windows updates might fix it. But apparently you can't install windows updates in safe mode, so I tried the cmd prompt sfc/ scannow, which ran, but after 100% just closed itself without giving me any info. I put this down to being in safemode again. So as a last resort I used Tweakbit PC Repairkit and Driver Updater to detect and replace missing files. The Repairkit seemed to work fine but after the driver updater did its thing it auto restarted and the BSOD flashed again, but this time I couldn't even start in safemode. This is where I'm at now... How can I get back into safemode? and if thats possible what is the best way for me to restore the files that were deleted/ corrupted from the clean uninstall utility? I just need the computer working, it has a lot of stuff for my master thesis on it so i'm stressing out that I will lose data. I am now using my onboard graphics as I thought I might need the GPU free for things to work, but it was still working (as standard VGA graphics in device manager) before  I switched to the onboard graphics.


Because I can't even log in at all now I don't know how to provide you with my PC specs fully, but I can still access BIOS so I know I have the

Radeon HD 6xxx card

motherboard is an ASRock z77 Pro4-M

120Gb SSD for the OS

16Gb RAM

intel i5-3570 CPU @ 3.4GHz

Windows 7 Ultimate.


I hope someone can help me out. I'm desperate now! Thanks in advance.