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RX vega 56 no post?

Question asked by holyghost23 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by holyghost23

I just got my gigabyte vega 56. and I went to install it on my 9370fx with a gigabyte 990FXA ud5 mobo with the FC bios. and when i tried to boot, it would turn on the radeon logo, gpu tach, and fan all turn on but i get nothing from the display, HDMI or display port. my amd r9 270X works just fine using the same power cables 6/8 pin, direct from my PSU , and the same PCIe slot on the mobo. I have an 850W power supply so it should have enough power to boot.. i messed around in my bios and enabled both eufi and BIOS bootable items, i also disabled quickboot. but still nothing. im going to go to my local PC store and see if i can borrow a newer intel or ryzen mobo to see if its not just a DOA card.. i hope not.. but we all know how things get shipped.. and i bet HBM cant handle being dropped kicked too many times.