BSOD everytime I try to update drivers

Discussion created by cjwagn1 on Sep 18, 2017
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Hello, I'm trying to update my drivers but my computer keeps BSOD with given error of video_tdr_failure. I ended up resetting my PC because nothing ended up working, including going to safe mode and rolling back to a previous version.


Now, let me tell you what made try to update my drivers in the first place. I launched a game, that usually had no problems at all, and it crashed with the bottom right of my screen saying "driver stopped responding and has recovered". Immediately after this, my desktop had screen tearing on it; I went to Firefox to google what was up and that to crashed displaying the same error before.


After this I thought I just needed a driver update for my GPU, which caused my whole system to crashed after it was done downloading and installed. I then used the recovery screen to go to safe mode and try to restore but to no prevail. So, I ended up resetting the PC which has been 3 times now, because I tried updating the drivers in different ways through the AMD website E.G. auto-detect and manual installations.


My computer is saying I need to update my drivers, hell, my computer wont even recognized my second monitor till I update, but I know if I do it will BSOD.


Does anyone have a fix for this, is something wrong with my GPU? Thank you in advance.




     Processor: Intel I7 5820k

     GPU: R9 Fury Tri-X

     RAM: 16GB
     SYSTEM: 64bit windows 8.1