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why can't I run two displays on my RX 550

Question asked by neeka59 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by neeka59

I have a desktop machine with a PCI Express slot (2.0 I think) and 16GB of RAM, and when I boot the computer both screens display video.  However, when I log into Windows 10 the second display (DVI) disappears. The main screen (HDMI) runs my game, Company of Heroes 2, that I just bought the graphics card for.  How do I get the second display up and running?  Does this video card not support dual displays?  My driver version is Crimson Relive 17.9.1  Should I have bought a different card to support dual displays?  My R7 370 video card, which I just replaced with the 550, ran both displays perfectly.  The problem was, the R7 370 would not allow me to play COH 2, and so that's why I bought this one. Please help.