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17.7.1 driver issue with games

Question asked by aliebrahim on Sep 18, 2017
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i`ve a problem with my amd drive it`s 17.5.2 now this is the drive which i already use , and it`s good with all game and evreything is good

the problem is when i update it to 17.7.1 here is the issue it`s about lag on the games of all games and on battelfield 1 have a big problem on it it`s a massage about something of direct x i think and i should be use a gpu at least 1024mb i don`t know what is that a massage mean and the game (battelfield 1) did`t run and that problem still with 17.6.2 too

please try to help me about this and exblane to me what is that issue mean and how i can solve it because of i uninstall the drive 17.7.1 & 17.6.2 and install 17.5.2 again


i`m using a Lenovo z5170 i5 model with R9 375m 4g laptop