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~10°C lower temps on r9 390 after upgrade to Radeon Crimson

Question asked by paule3000 on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by goodplay



Pretty much as the title suggests, after upgrading to 17.9.1 from 17.8.2 my GPU max temp readout with HWiNFO64 consistently shows temperatures that are about 10°C lower than before, even after prolonged gaming sessions. I did not activate any special features, like Chill. or downclocking, and performance seems normal. This just doesn't feel right, as there also where no remarks regarding lower temps in the patch release notes, also I did not install another version oh HWiNFO.


Has anyone got an idea what all this means, if it may be intentional and WAD, or is the temp readout somehow wrong now?


Any help or iseas highly appreciated, thanks in advance!