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rx480 crashing during sleep and certain games

Question asked by rudjgaard on Sep 17, 2017

Hello guys. I've been doing some searching to solve my problem but it's so broad and generic at some point i had to stop and ask so I apologize in advance.

The problem:

- XFX RX-480P8DBA6 if the computer goes to sleep when i wake it up, almost always i have unresponsive screen, most of the times green, sometimes black, and once the monitor wouldn't even recognize input signal.


- During certain games (Overwatch and PUBG most recently) i get a system crash. Screen goes either green,beige or black. Sound works for a couple of seconds in background then everything crashes. I have never gotten a bsod. I have to force restart pc when this happens. This has never once happened on other games like csgo (albeit reliability is one of the reasons of its success)


What I've tried so far:

- Complete cleanup with ddu and reinstal of crimson 17.7.2

- Adjusting settings in wattman as suggested in some posts.

- Adjusting power options in windows as suggested elsewhere.

- Ran tests with OCCT but not sure any problems popped out although this must be further investigated


My thoughts:

It is definitely not an overheating issue, my system under load doesn't go above 52C° during summer, pluse side window is pulled off. Also since often I crash during lobby time I don't think it's something that has to do with workload.


And finally, my Specs:

- amd fx- 8370

- 4x 4GB 2133 DDR3

- mb ASRock AM3+ 970M Pro3

- Corsair rm650x 80 plus gold

- win7 pro legit (x64 obv) all updated and clean.

I don't run anything in OC nor have any 3rd party software to tweak performance.


Any help is greatly appreciated