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"Your account is currently being reviewed for activation. Please check your email for activation steps."

Question asked by patriotamd on Sep 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2017 by patriotamd

I'm trying to login to  but it's telling me that my account is being reviewed, it's been several days since then and I still cannot login to redeem my product key for buying RX vega 64 liquid, I even sent in a support ticket a few days ago but it's been ignored.. Support Ticket ID: 438275. I explained to them my issue and gave them my product key but no response.


I bought Vega 64 for $800, that's $100 over MSRP and $200 over what the GPU is worth without being in this "bundle" - So these 2 games really aren't free now are they? The way I see it I gave AMD $200 for 2 games that aren't worth that price and they've just ignored me thus far and won't even let me login to their rewards website (Funny how that one is, I can login here but not the website I need to get my "rewards"(Paid product that was promised to me when I paid for them).



When my brother bought an R9 270x a while back AMD got away with refusing to give him his codes even though we provided a digital receipt from newegg! They said they were just out of codes and that we were SOL.

At the time I blamed XFX but now I can't even get a response as to why AMD feels my account is "Up for review" on their "rewards"(Paid product) website.


I wouldn't mind if there was a delay in product keys (Although when that happened with XFX we never got the keys and the deadline for the deal came up after the support ticket was submitted and they simply refused to give the keys). But I can't even get a response from AMD and they've decided to refuse logins to their rewards website and ignore support requests.. That's just ridiculous!