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    Problem with HD 7870 2GB,


      bought middle earth shadow of mordor to play until divinity 2, and get this "display has stopped working and has recovered" mini crash that closes the game, i just ignored it, but now im getting it with divinity 2, i have heaps of oter games, i play total war warhammer and starcraft 2 on max without issue for hours and hours, i dont think its an overheating issue, divinity 2 and middle earth arent "demanding" games, hell i played advanced warfare and black ops 3 on this rig without issue.

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          Hello Davie,


          You didn't supply the needed info but I will give a suggestion, Only because I pulled out and old game to play, and I to have an HD 7870. Have you tried right clicking the start menu short cut, and use the " Run as Admin " is checked. Also it is possible that some of the saved games are corrupt, I was lucky with my game, where I just started, I wasn't too far into it, so started it over and am working off new saves in my game. I found my old Dungeon Lords game and I was getting the Slot " 0 " issue.