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Why does my RX460 Graphics card fans not spin?

Question asked by wreckless on Sep 15, 2017
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I'm new to this community, so please I do apologies if I don't supply all the information required.


As of about a week or two ago I noticed that my Graphics card (RX460) fans were not spinning. They don't spin on boot up or anything.
Now I didn't really pay notice, I even tried turning the speed up myself too see if that'd change an anything.. Instead the PC crashed about 10 Minutes later.
Since this I've had nothing but issues. Last night I downloaded Just Cause 3.. I've loaded the game up and I'm about 10 Minutes in and my computer shuts down.


Now I know all the hardware in my PC is fine, it was all working fine. It appears too be the Graphics card..
I've since tried playing League of Legends and it's done the same..


There's no fans spinning what so ever and during games the whole PC will crash..


Can someone help me out here, it's really starting to frustrate me and make me angry.



Thank you, Dylan.