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samsung R525 ( radeon hd 5470 ) graphic driver instalation problem.

Question asked by m4rvel on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by m4rvel

Hello to administration of AMD forum and all users.



I bought a second hand laptop samsung R525D ( NP-R525-JT01PL ) witch have 2 graphic cards. One is integrated Radeon HD 4200 Series and one dedicated AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5470.

I installed the original windows 10 and all the drivers. The only problem is  during the installation of  the graphics driver catalyst 15.7.1 win 10 64bit wich ends with error of the AMD screen driver.  I tried to install official drivers from AMD manufacturer but no results. The same problem appears on windows 7 also when i try to install graphic card driver. I also tried the program to automatically install the AMD drivers from official website  but also with error. I trying to solve this problem more then 4 days and nothing I can do. I desperately need help with this problem because I can not properly use my laptop and even set the right screen resolution. Please Help



  Model : Samsung R425D/R525D  NP-R525-JT01PL

  Ram : 2x2GB DDR3 Samsung

HDD :  320GB Hitachi

Procesor : Athlon II P340 - 2200MHz

Graphic integrated : ATI RADEON HD 4200

Graphic dedicated : ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 5470 ( PARK )