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Skyrim - lags only in interiors

Question asked by daggerfall on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by daggerfall

Skyrim unplayable when entering in any interiors (houses, shops, tombs, caves), looks like low fps or camera twitching on moving, fps meter spikes. I have 60 FPS (Skyrim does not like vsync off) in most cases on both systems, and I don't have that lags in exteriors.
OS: Windows 7 SP1u x64+updates/Windows 10 x64 + updates
Driver: Crimson 17.7.2-17.9.1
CPU: AMD-FX 8350/Athlon II X4 840
VGA: Radeon 7950/Radeon 7770
Sound card: Audigy 5RX/Realtek 887
Memory: 8GB 1333 /8GB 1866 - both Dual channel Unganged mode


I tried change settings in skyrim, turning off vsync in skyrim and turn on it in drivers skyrim profile, tried to turn off mouse acceleration in skyrim, tried resetting shader cache and turning it off - nothing help. That bug seems from 17.4+, I don't have that bug on other systems with any 'green' vga, it's totaly driver bug, not system or game or whatever. I noticed anti stuttering parameter in registry maybe need to change something here?