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How to Create Application Profile from Code to set Application to Power Saving?

Question asked by biohazard90 on Sep 15, 2017

I would like to create an application profile from my launcher executable, like I can do with NvAPI for Nvidia hardware. Specifically, I would like to set my application to 'power saving' by default so that it uses the integrated GPU. How do I do that?


If this is not possible, how do I get default application settings for my application added to the driver?



I am using CEF/Chromium and just like Google Chrome it is necessary to set the executable to 'power saving' on Enduro platforms for some reason or Chromium will only display a black screen. Just like me, Google uses NvAPI to avoid this issue with hybrid GPUs but there appears to be no solution for AMD.


At this time, I have to keep telling my users to set the executables in question to 'power saving' manually in order to use my program at all. I have sold a few million copies internationally so this is quite a problem. Merely setting the application to 'power saving' from code by default is the only viable option. A number of applications are using Chromium nowadays and it appears they have similar issues (Spotify: ) unless they completely disable hardware acceleration or set it to power saving.