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    What can i upgrade my amd a6-4600m to?


      Hi, i love amd so much and recently received an hp probook with an amd a6-4600m processor. Its not the best for gaming, so i was wondering what i could upgrade it to for some better gaming results. Thanks in advance .

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          You cannot upgrade that laptop.

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            There is no such processor, so you likely have either A6-4400M or A10-4600M.

            Possible "Trinity" APU upgrades that will be compatible: A10-4600M A8-4500M

            Possible "Richland" APU upgrades that may require an up-to-date BIOS: A10-5750M A8-5550M

            Best is the A10-5750M. It is available from second-hand sources.

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              Oh sorry about that i meant amd a6-4400m, so i cant upgrade it to a higher processor?

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                  Sorry for the late answer but yes you can 100% compatible! Guess what computer I am using right now. If you guessed a computer with an A10-5750M that was upgraded from an A6-4400M you would be correct! I upgraded my hp pavillion g4 laptop from an A6-4400M to an A10-5750M and the performance was a huge jump! If you have an HP laptop no worries because it will without a doubt work, but I don't know if other brand laptops will work but hey go for it! An awesome upgrade. Also if you haven't already, I suggest updating to bios Insyde F.26 2/21/2013 (and if you possibly already have a more recent bios it should still work fine). If you don't know what your bios is type in msinfo32 in windows search bar and press enter and look for bios date. Trust me you will be happy with this upgrade because the performance jump is like AMAZING!!!

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                      Hello everyone,

                      can you help me? I have a HP pavilion G6-2149sl with A6-4400m APU (Trinity, socket FS1r2) and BIOS Insyde F.26 2/21/2013. I would like to upgrade and I already bought a (used) A10-5750m (Richland) after have read some posts like the one in here. I changed the APU and the notebook does not even boot: black screen with F12 orange led on and the caps lock blinking once (an pause) continuously. I went back to my A6 (and the notebook works good) and tried to upgrade BIOS to the latest version on HP site but it didn't work: I get an error reading the actual BIOS...

                      so: are the mb and BIOS compatible with A10-5750m and I got a damaged APU (I bought on the web)?