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Why is my Brand New Laptop Under performing?

Question asked by dingleboof on Sep 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2017 by kingfish

I have a brand new laptop just bought it 2 weeks ago.

I was told this laptop was fairly popular among gamers and as a Nvidia user, I was skeptical as I am not knowledgeable about AMD.


First few days of gaming it was amazing completely spectacular and I am amazed by a lot of things, however, my Asus X550IU B001 with 8 Gb ram, FX-9830 Cpu and am using the RX 460 which I heard is extremely powerful for their price.


I also happen to see many users able to play overwatch at 120 fps at medium settings and 60 fps at ultra.

Unfortunately, i am not getting the expected performance.


I have set my settings to make full use of performance > Quality but it has not changed much, is there anything else I can do??